Aluminum Railings

At Astro Engineering we create aluminum railings for commercial, industrial, and high end residential work. Everything is custom built to match architect specifications by using Tekla 3D modeling software for in-house drafting and approval. All of our aluminum railings can incorporate hand rails. Our featured projects demonstrate our commitment to quality and we will do whatever it takes to deliver your aluminum railings project on time and on budget.

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Cable Rails

  • Vertical Posts, square and round
  • Cables run horizontally with a 3½” spacing
  • Variety of connectors
  • Assembly on-site (dependent on length)
  • Horizontal top bar or tubing between posts
  • Top mount or side mount base plates

Picket Railing

  • Used in commercial buildings, public spaces, schools
  • Vertical member with spaces of 4″ or less
  • Square and round bar (tubing can be used as well)

Mesh In-Fill Panel Railing

  • Mesh directly welded onto frame
  • Mesh-wrapped with U-Edging (reduces labor, cost effective)


  • Anodizing wet paint
  • Powder coat

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