Industrial Screw Conveyors: Which is best for your company?

Screw Conveyor Systems

Auger or screw conveyors easily move materials and offer valuable protection for other equipment. However, not just any auger conveyor can do the job efficiently. Astro Engineering and Manufacturing provides professional help in the process of selecting and designing the perfect system. Here are some helpful tips on choosing industrial screw conveyors. What Kind of […]

Design Considerations for Outdoor Perforated Aluminum Panels

Aluminum is an ideal metal to use in any type of commercial or residential construction. It is naturally corrosion resistant and will resist rusting, particularly if finished prior to installation through anodization or the application of another form of protective coating. However, sheets of aluminum used for fencing, rails or architectural elements can be rather […]

Why Choose Stainless Steel Perforated Sheets?

There are many uses for metal products in architectural work such as railings, building cladding, and decorative panels. Metal is one of the strongest building materials and some metal products, like stainless steel, is highly resistant to corrosion. In addition, when metals are perforated, many important benefits can be achieved. Here are some important reasons […]

Interior Decorating Ideas with Punched Metal Sheets

Punched metal, also known as perforated metal, is one of our manufacturing specialties at Astro Engineering & Manufacturing. We have state-of-the-art machines that can perfectly punch one sheet or hundreds with precision and accuracy through CNC control. These punched metal sheets can be used in a wide variety of interior decorating options, for both commercial […]

How to Find a Reliable Metal Fabricator in MN

Metal fabrication is an essential part of production across several MN industries, including: agriculture, food processing, chemical production, and manufacturing. Astro Engineering & Manufacturing aims to provide lean, efficient, and reliable metal fabrication services across many different industries throughout the state. Here are just a few of the things we can provide for your company: […]

Manufacturer for Carbon and Stainless Steel Spiral Chutes for Many Major Food Processing Companies

spiral chutes, food processing, metal fabrication

Astro Engineering & Manufacturing performs many services to aid several different industries with bulk material handling. Food processing is one of the industries for which we build a lot of equipment. This industry requires equipment fabricated of stainless steel with a food grade finish, which is a core competency at Astro. For industries other than […]

Metal Fabrication Capabilities Expanded

Metal Fabrication Setting Up

    Exciting news from Astro as our new 350 ton PRESS BRAKE has arrived!  We are thrilled to be adding this stellar piece of equipment to our shop.  It is increasing our forming capabilities and our overall metal fabricating capabilities.  Just 2 days after arriving on the truck, we are already putting the new press brake to work on […]

Benefits of Professional Custom Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication can be a complex job requiring many different stages and processes. Few people possess the skills and equipment necessary to complete fabrication projects on their own. This is why many people choose custom metal fabrication from Astro Engineering and Manufacturing to get the results they want. Here are just a few reasons they […]

Thermal Screw Conveyors: Heated or Chilled

Industrial screw conveyors, also known as auger conveyors, are widely-used for bulk conveyance in many industries. These industries include food and chemical processing, water treatment plants, biofuel production, agriculture, and more. Besides conveyance, there are added benefits industrial screw conveyors can bring to its users. One of these benefits is the ability to heat or chill […]

Choosing a Stainless Steel Fabricator

Stainless steel can be applied to many fields of work, which is why you see it quite frequently. There are many advantages when choosing stainless steel. A primary reason that people choose stainless is the fact that it contains at least 10.5% chromium, making it corrosion resistant. At the point when presented to air, a […]

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