Metal Spiral Chute for Bin Loading or Piling

Astro Employees standing in front of spiral chute

Believe it or not, some of us at Astro get a little emotional when our projects are complete and the hauling truck arrives to load. Saying goodbye to our development, our handiwork, and our pride and joy is sometimes a little hard. That’s what happened when this spiral chute drove off into the horizon. With […]

Rusty Trend: Weathering Steel in Custom Architectural Metals

Weathering Steel Base and Cable Rail System

Weathering steel in custom architectural metals should be considered when seeking a strong, durable, appealing metal material that hones self-healing abilities. With its rusty orange coloring and unique look, this is something you may have come across since this is so easy to recognize. Weathering steel is a strong copper, nickel and chromium composite metal […]

Fabrication of Quality Weldments for Industrial Equipment

stainless steel tank, weldment, custom stainless steel fabrication

There are many aspects that go into building quality weldments for use in industrial equipment. Here at Astro, we fabricate frames, tanks, spiral chutes, augers, and many other component parts for various OEM’s. At Astro, it starts with our passion: We make metal Perform. From this passion, through continuous improvement, we have built our quality […]

Cable Railing Preserves View with Modern Look

Cable Railing on Wooden Bridge

To achieve an unobstructed view with a fresh, up-to-date look, consider a cable railing system for your balcony, stairwells and walkways. Cable railings are clean, neat and sophisticated. They are structurally sound, sustainable, and a great choice for that contemporary look that will impress! Painted aluminum,  stainless steel, and galvanized steel are the most common metals […]

Perforated Metal Panels and Screens Gaining Popularity!

Perforated Metal Panels

More and more architects are using perforated metal panels and screens in parking ramps, balconies, decks, and on buildings. Perforated metals and screens are decorative, functional, and diverse. Astro Engineering & Manufacturing completely fabricates decorative perforated panels to offer a combination of sizes and patterns. We pride ourselves in the varying applications of perforated metals and […]

Custom Industrial Machine Frames

Industrial Machine Frame

Custom industrial machine frames are gaining popularity in production at Astro Engineering & Manufacturing. As a result, we’ve added a “frames” page on our website to offer more and complete details and photographs. Here at Astro, we build top quality frames for OEM’s in a variety of industries. These frames go into food processing equipment, […]


Astro is pleased to announce the purchase of our new metal cutting Marvel 380 PCS Band saw. This purchase continues to advance our ability to produce quality metal fabrication for our clients by achieving even higher efficiency and reducing lead time! Cuts Tube and Bar Stock  Our new high-speed band saw cuts tube and bar stock for […]

Designing for Manufacturability

On many projects, Astro Engineering and Manufacturing provides customers with assisted design and input on the manufacturability on their ideas. Customers will bring their concept to a project manager, who will in turn give them solutions on how to save money and resources, while successfully meeting project timelines. One case in point was a railing […]

Metal in Landscape Projects

Weathering Steel Metal Green Screen

Typically, when discussing a landscape project, the mind goes immediately to plants, trees, gathering places for visitors, and maybe some kind of water element, like a fountain or pond. But being in the “all things metal” mindset, we may argue that most landscape projects could benefit from the addition of some type of mineral ore […]

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