Choosing a Stainless Steel Fabricator

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Stainless steel can be applied to many fields of work, which is why you see it quite frequently. There are many advantages when choosing stainless steel. A primary reason that people choose stainless is the fact that it contains at least 10.5% chromium, making it corrosion resistant. At the point when presented to air, a film of chromium oxide forms over the surface. This film is latent and non-dangerous, and it keeps the steel from rusting by protecting it from air and dampness. Corrosion resistance is one reason stainless steel is the metal of choice for use in food processing plants, exposed construction metals, medical equipment, and many other applications.

Stainless Steel for Industrial Equipment

Stainless steel is used extensively for industrial equipment in food processing plants due to is corrosion and abrasive resistance. Screw conveyors, spiral gravity chutes, piping, hoppers, bins, tanks and more are built of stainless steel for sanitary conditions and many years of use. This equipment can be custom designed and built for optimal use and fit to adjacent machinery. A good stainless steel fabricator is essential to getting the best equipment for the application.

Why You Should Choose Stainless Steel for Commercial Construction

Stainless steel is perfect for specific construction uses, as it is durable, corrosive resistant, and very long lasting. Not only that, stainless steel is aesthetically appealing to the eye. Because of its advantages, stainless steel is found extensively in many modern construction projects. Common uses include railings, exterior building panels, and trim work. Being comprised of over 75-85% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable, it fits nicely into the trend of sustainability and contributes greatly toward LEED initiatives.

Choose a Stainless Steel Fabricator You Can Trust

At Astro Engineering, we work extensively with stainless steel to fabricate industrial equipment and architectural metals for commercial construction projects. Stainless steel has properties that make it more difficult than carbon steel to get a good weld in both structural and cosmetic terms. It takes years for a person to become proficient excellent stainless steel welding. Good fabrication equipment (laser cutter, press brakes, current welding machines, etc.) is also key for efficiency and quality. Contamination of stainless steel with dust of other metals must be avoided. Small particles of carbon steel on stainless leads to reduced corrosiveness and premature rusting of the stainless. The design and fit-up of the fabrications is a fourth critical component in the success of the project. Production of a good 3-D design prior to fabrication can make or break the project. Whether it is perforated panels for architectural use, or a screw conveyor in a food processing plant, the design, experienced fabricators, proper equipment, and protection from contamination are some of the key components in producing top notch stainless steel fabrications. It is these items that we focus on at Astro Engineering and Manufacturing that makes us a premier stainless steel fabricator in the upper Midwest. Contact us to see how we can help you with your fabrication needs.

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