Perforating metal or laser cutting metal?

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In the world of sheet metal fabrication, there is more than one way to achieve the desired metal part shape. There are many instances where either a punch or a laser will get the job done, but when looking for efficiency and quality, one must evaluate the part to determine the best method for perforating metal, or cutting out metal parts.  These are the parameters we use at Astro to make that determination:

  • When you have a lot of perforations: the TruPunch 3000 can hit up to 1000 strokes per min.
  • When you need to mark a part: the TruPunch 3000 can mark at 2500 strokes per min.
  • Don’t want a heat affected part
  • When you have a part that requires a tapped hole
  • If you have a part that requires a simple form such as a louver or dimple

The punch is the perfect choice in making:

  • Enclosures with vents, small holes cutouts of most any geometry.
  • Architectural metal panels
  • Belting that requires perforations for air flow includes hinge pattern and mounting holes
  • Screens for food processing or filtering systems
  • Any shape that can fit in a 2.5’’ dia. or smaller can be hit with a single hit for very high production, like special washer or shim.
  • Architecturally designed Light screens
  • Artistic inspired panels or flat shapes

The new TruPunch is up and running at Astro and has replaced our older model.  The speed, efficiency, and accuracy has multiplied. We have time available on this machine, and besides punching and perforating, we do our own laser cutting, forming, welding and machining in-house. Call us today to take advantage of our metal fabricating capacity.

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