Industrial Machine Frames

Astro Engineering and Manufacturing is experienced in providing custom, quality fabricated machine frames for a variety of applications and industries.

Some applications for which we have built machine frames include the water treatment industry, automatic bagging machines, material handling, and food processing equipment. We have also built metal frames for amusement park rides and testing equipment. Material certifications can be provided as required.

We can handle frames from table size up to about 45’L X 20’W X 15’H.

We work in all 3 common metals: carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Common metal shapes used include rectangular or square tubing, round tubing, solid bar, aluminum extrusions and more.

Astro has The Right Equipment to fabricate accurately and efficiently.

  • Automatic mitering Vertical Bandsaw: CNC controlled mitering capabilities for faster and accurate cutting, program in either drafting or on shop floor.
    CNC and Manual Machining: For accurate and precise holes and taps.
  • Top notch welders and Certified Welding with documentation performed in-house as needed.
  • Laser, punch, and press brakes: In house fabrication of brackets, plates, and other components as needed.
  • SolidWorks: In house drafting for help with design
  • Surface coating: We have close relationships for powder coating and painting needs.

Design for Manufacturability
If your project needs design assistance, we work directly with project engineers to build cost effective, manufacturable options into any metal fabrications we build. All weldments are manufactured to your custom specifications and quality requirements. Our project managers oversee the process to ensure the right quality is delivered on time.

We work directly with project engineers to build cost effectiveness and manufacturability into every project, from day one. All weldments are manufactured to your custom specifications and our project managers will work with you to ensure that everything will retrofit with your existing structures and equipment.


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