OEM Parts – Custom Fabrication

Astro fabricates sheet metal components for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). We provide our customers with value-added engineering services to reduce costs. We can also provide rapid prototyping services to ensure quality and proof of concept before moving to full scale production.

OEM Parts Division can cover a multitude of jobs. Here is a small sample of a variety of work we’ve done for original equipment manufacturers:


Perforated metal for water filtration.









Laser-cut and formed carbon steel bracket. Redesign of a two piece (welded) bracket in order to save on welding costs.




Laser-cut and formed carbon steel bracket. Welded and painted.






Small laser-cut and formed stainless steel brackets.





Painted steel, laser-cut and formed with pem nuts. Runs of 20-100.







Laser-cut and formed stainless steel OEM parts.





Industrial Food Equipment

Industrial Food Storage Bin




Industrial Safety LadderStep of safety ladder Safety Ladder

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