Fabrication of Quality Weldments for Industrial Equipment

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There are many aspects that go into building quality weldments for use in industrial equipment. Here at Astro, we fabricate frames, tanks, spiral chutes, augers, and many other component parts for various OEM’s.

At Astro, it starts with our passion: We make metal Perform. From this passion, through continuous improvement, we have built our quality system that we and our customers count on. Here’s how we do it:


Stainless Steel Fabrication Propeller1. Top Notch Welding

Our expertise in welding stainless and aluminum welding ranks up there with the best. The experienced welders and an on-staff manufacturing engineer/CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) overseeing our welding procedures is a component of our quality system. By industry standards, certified welding is the best way to ensure top quality welding. Not all our customers require certified welding in their work but having the program in place along with the experience of our drafters, welders, and designers, assures we do some darn good welding. See our certified welding, for more detail.


2. Equipment

metal perforating

With in-house laser cutting, punching, forming, saw cutting, shearing, machining, and welding, we have control over both the quality and thetimeliness of all the components that go into each weldment.  The welding equipment is modern, and the best available for the types of welds we produce.  All the welding machines are calibrated regularly. Our CNC punch does all our perforating in-house enabling us to completely fabricate equipment for the filtration industry, the food processing industry and others.


3. People and Process

Much of our work starts with the collaborative planning process.  Most of our clients have prints or concept drawings from which to begin. Our staff is highly experienced in helping to solve customers’ problems. This could include design revision for efficiency and manufacturability, substitution of components/materials when the specified one is not available (which happens more often than one would think) and hitting promised ship dates.


This is how we meet the metal fabrication requirements of our clients across numerous industries. Those industries include: industrial water, oil and gas filtration, food processing, material handling equipment, the light rail industry, and more.

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