Interior Decorating Ideas with Punched Metal Sheets

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punched metal panels

Punched metal, also known as perforated metal, is one of our manufacturing specialties at Astro Engineering & Manufacturing. We have state-of-the-art machines that can perfectly punch one sheet or hundreds with precision and accuracy through CNC control.

These punched metal sheets can be used in a wide variety of interior decorating options, for both commercial and residential buildings. The unique patterns and options in shapes and even in the type of metal selected can create a wonderful look and an open, modern style that is beautiful in any location.

Screens and Room Dividers

In any type of open space, the use of punched metal sheets in aluminum or stainless steel makes a beautiful option for a full or partial room divider. By selecting a very small perforation, you can give a truly screened appearance without putting up a wall that makes the space look cramped and small.

Additionally, by using the sheets in a frame as the divider, there is no reduction in light between the spaces created. The screen can be painted or finished to blend in with the décor and to provide either a very modern or a more antique and classic look to the area.

Accent Walls

A unique look to accent a full wall or a half wall in a room is to use the panel as an accent over an existing wall. Choosing stainless or aluminum punched metal sheets will give a more modern look, while a brass or copper panel will give more of a traditional or antique look.

The shape of the perforations themselves and the pattern or irregular placement of the perforations will also contribute to the style and impression of the panel in the room.

We also work with designers and architects, using our perforated panels as a permanent way to create a privacy shield on windows. The panel can be mounted to the interior or exterior of the room to allow in more diffuse light while also providing privacy with or without the use of additional window treatment options.

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