Louvered Panels: Divide and Protect

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Louvered panels are great for a number of different applications, both architectural and industrial. From HVAC or garbage enclosures, to dividers on apartment building balconies or pergolas, these panels can provide a separation of space and add privacy without losing important light and air flow.


So what exactly is a louver?Louvered Panel Wall

Louvers are a fixed, slatted panel, typically made of wood, glass, aluminum, or some other kind of metal, and are often confused with the mechanism of a vertical blind, which are actually jalousies, not louvers. The difference being that jalousies are adjustable by some sort of lever and louvers do not open or close, they remain fixed in the position in which they are originally manufactured.

Rarely seen as primary design elements, louvers are commonly used as a technical device to solve some kind of problem such as temperature regulation or to contain an environmental hazard. They can be used to keep people and critters out of an area, while still allowing air to flow through for ventilation. As in the case of an HVAC enclosure, using louvered panels can hide unwanted views and provide additional security measures around incredibly important systems or spaces.


Recent Louver Project

One such project that we worked on recently was an enclosure area of a health systems building. Astro worked very closely with the general contractor to develop this project from the architectural plans. After initial concepts were developed, we then coordinated getting field measurements for both fabrication and installation. The louvered panels, door, and the frames which hold them were then manufactured from aluminum and engineered to withstand 53 PSF (pressure per square foot). All of these pieces then received a high-performance coating through a powder coat paint system to ensure smoothness and uniform coverage. The louvered walls and door allow for some light to flow into the space, as well as ventilation, all while ensuring that the systems within stay protected and secure.

The next time you have a need for any metal louvered panels or doors on a project, please don’t hesitate to call Astro Engineering and Manufacturing!

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