Perforated Aluminum Panels – Fabrication and Application

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At Astro Engineering and Manufacturing, we understand the need for well-made and attractive perforated aluminum panels and railings. Our project team is ready and available to manufacture the perfect aluminum perforated panels for your project specifications.

Custom Perforated Aluminum Panels

If you are looking for a way to update your office railings or stairways, then you may want to look into the aluminum perforated panels manufactured by Astro. Our craftsmen fabricate ordinary aluminum into decorative aluminum panels. We also punch aluminum sheets that add an element of sophistication for your office railings.

With laser cutting, forming, and welding capabilities, complete projects are fabricated with the perforated sheets. Our team designs and fabricates the brackets and mounting system that attaches perforated panels to the substrate material. We laser cut and form any required special brackets. Aluminum and perforated metal is formed on press brakes. All baseplates, posts and accessories of the perforated panels are manufactured and welded by our team. Additional fabrication we perform includes the cutting of bar or angle iron for the frames which are then welded to the perforated panels. Any required machining or tapping is all performed by our team in-house.

All structural and cosmetic needs related to completed fabrication of the perforated panels is handled by our expert welding and finishing crew.

Perforated Aluminum Fencing for Commercial Projects

This type of fencing is used along walkways leading to and from parking garages, businesses, and even residential care facilities or hospitals. Perforated aluminum panels make up the entire fence line giving it a unique and professional finish. Perforated metal can improve the appearance of many buildings. It can also make a building appear more open, while still allowing for a degree of privacy. Perforated metal is also available in finishes that mimic the appearances of zinc, stainless steel, or copper.

Our experienced fabricators can work with our customer’s architectural specifications to produce the exact fencing they are looking for to complete their project. Decorative or architectural details can be added through the punching process. For instance, a recent project called for irregular punching of 1/4″ square hole perforations in the aluminum which gave the fencing a professional, clean cut look and feel.

We can also design aluminum fencing in conjunction with poured-in-place posts with the aluminum attached after the posts have been installed. Alternatively, the posts can be constructed with base plates for top mounting.

High Quality Perforated Aluminum Products

Perforated product quality will only be as good as the equipment and machinery used to produce it. At Astro, we have invested in our product by equipping our team with the TruPunch 3000, which gives us the ability to perforate aluminum paneling into the desired product our customers want.

Whether perforated panels are needed for stairway railings or fencing, we can make it happen. Manufacturing high quality perforated aluminum is possible with the right equipment and the right team. Our craftsmen and project managers are ready to produce top quality, state-of-the-art professional perforated aluminum panels that meet your project requirements and specifications.

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