Perforated Metal Panels Gaining Popularity!

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More and more architects are using perforated metal panels and screens in parking ramps, balconies, decks, and on buildings. Perforated metals and screens are decorative, functional, and diverse. Astro Engineering & Manufacturing completely fabricates decorative perforated panels to offer a combination of sizes and patterns. We pride ourselves in the varying applications of perforated metals and screens we offer.

Perforated metal panels and screens are becoming very common in parking ramps and garages in Minneapolis. According to the city ordinance, Minneapolis requires screening for the public and nearby properties from vehicle and internal garage lighting in public ramps. Plus, perforated metal panels help with airflow. Architects are using artistic panels to comply with the decree. Around the world you will see more and more perforated metal panels and screens for decks, partitions with panel infill, privacy boarders, balcony railings and guards, sign panels and signage, equipment screening, shielding, soffits, vine trellises, acoustical applications and enclosures of many kinds.

Perforated metals are ornate, useful, and long-lasting

Decorative perforated metals are available in a wide selection of gauges, materials, profiles, and colors. The panels are usually perforated with a CNC punch; however, different designs can be achieved through laser cutting or utilizing a wire system. The most common materials we use at Astro are aluminum, weathering steel, and occasionally stainless steel. The panels can be color-matched on each side for applications where both sides are visible. There is a variety of finishes to choose from, and one of the coatings available has a 20 year warranty!

Perforated panels can be used to disperse sound, air and light. Acoustical solutions provide sound dampening and the ventilation can be used to control airflow. To generate visual appeal and amazement, back-lighting is used to illuminate the design. LED or fluorescent panels can be used to deliver an ornamental contrast from the numerous different dimensions and placement combinations.

Astro’s drafting, design and all our metal fabrication, including certified welding, is performed at our location in Hanover, MN. We offer custom options for mounting systems and fabrication detail for cost effectiveness. Not only are today’s architects incorporating perforated metals for aesthetics, perforated metals are very functional, as well!

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