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The problem solving began when a food processor needed a screw conveyor to move the foodstuff from a bin and portion it out into individual food trays. To do this, they needed to use a stepper motor that was starting and stopping at 80 times per minute. Our job was to design and build a screw conveyor system that would hold up to the stress that would be put on the auger and drive by the continual starting/stopping motion that would be occurring.

Screw Conveyor Components and Design

Here’s how we solved the problem: A Lovejoy coupling was employed for the purpose of dampening some of the inertia forces between the drive system and the augers as well as deal with any shaft misalignment. The photograph shows the laser cut window in the motor housing. This gives access to the end plate bearing for greasing. The window also serves as an inspection port to visually verify the integrity of the bearing and the stainless steel Lovejoy coupling that attaches the auger shaft to the gear reducer. Not shown is a removable safety screen that covers the port during operation. Also, the parts are made from 304 stainless steel and welds are TIG type with discoloration removed.

This is just one example of a feature that engineers at Astro might design into a screw or auger conveyor system.  They have the expertise and experience it takes to meet the processors’ needs.  The screw conveyors are all built right on site by highly skilled metal fabricators and welders.  Astro has both the machinery and the expertise in designing and fabricating to produce superior screw conveyors that brings long time value to the processor. Call us today and get your project rolling.

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