Certified Welding

At Astro we choose to put the time and effort necessary to invest in certified welding. We know bringing our work to a higher, tested degree of quality gives our customers confidence. Even if certified welding is not required, having policy in place, and welders trained and tested to AWS (American Welding Society) standards is indicative of our¬†company’s ability and commitment to quality.

Our current customers that require certified welding include MnDOT (as a resource for other construction businesses and bridge railing) and various OEM’s.

To learn more about the welding we do at Astro, see our welding video at: https://www.youyoutube.com/watchtube.com/watch?v=x-xcbQN-qpQ


  • Stainless steel conforming to AWS D1.6
  • Carbon steel conforming to AWS D1.1
  • Aluminum conforming to AWS D1.2

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