Certified Welding

Certified welding is important because it gives the customer a high degree of trust that their welds are safe and sound. Certified welds are the result of work from multiple people: the engineers, the certified weld inspectors, and the welders, all hold each other accountable for their work. It starts with the design of the welded joints that follow the American Weld Society (or customer based specifications) and it ends with the final visual inspection of welds by a trained professional. Certified welding is never the work of an individual, but rather a team of experts.

Our qualifications to weld in conformance with the following standards:

  • AWS D1.1  (Structural Steel .125” on up)
  • AWS D1.2  (Aluminum)
  • AWS D1.3 (Sheet Metal – Stainless and Mild Steel)
  • AWS D1.6 (Stainless Steel 16ga on up)
  • AWS D15.1 (Railroad for Cars and Locomotives)

Certified Welding Inspector

Our in-house Certified Welding Inspector ensures the highest level of quality workmanship by providing direction for making sound and superior production welds. A Certified Welding Inspector is certified through AWS (American Welding Society). AWS is an independent, non-profit organization that creates welding standards in accordance with codes. Certification requires the use of only certified materials, including consumables, with the guidance of a WPS. A Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) is a document that guides welders to the accepted procedure. These procedures are reliable, repeatable and used to outline shop and field welding, per the code requirements. Code requirements are illustrated on the Welding Procedure Data Sheet (WPDS), which details the welding parameters and ranges and limitations for a welding process. Each welding procedure specification includes essential variables to maintain the qualifications to meet the specifications of your welding projects.

Features that certified welds have that other welds do not:

  • Certified joint designs have decades of research behind them to verify that they will survive the stresses that they will encounter for their entire life.
  • Every variable to a certified weld is controlled be a specification ranging from allowable weld positions to filler material used to weld deposition type.
  • Each person involved with certified welding has had formal training and has records available.
Our current customers that require certified welding include MnDOT (as a resource for other construction businesses and bridge railing) and various OEM’s. Even if certified welding is not required, having a policy in place, and welders trained and tested to AWS standards, is indicative of our company’s ability and commitment to quality. We know bringing our work to a higher, tested degree of quality gives our customers’ confidence. We also excel in challenging set ups and can do custom one off highmix, lowvolume (HMLV) arenas.

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